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  HTML Calendar Generator
One of WebAttack's most downloaded programs of 2002
Version 4.02
Release date: 05 February 2002
Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000
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Program description (view screen shots)
I generally prefer to code html by hand for efficiency reasons. Ever try creating a html calendar by hand? If so then you know why I wrote this program to do it for me. It will generate a full year html calendar ready to publish. Output is both the whole year in one file, and one file for each month of the year. Allows multiple notations for each date, Customizable html attributes - font face, alignment, colors, and so forth. Simple built in FTP client lets you just click on a button to publish to your web site. Viewing the configuration configuration documentation will give you a better idea of how the calendar can be configured.




Here are few of the comments I have received from people about the HTML Calendar Generator...

Just wanted to say kudos on your great HTML generating calendar app. It's really saved my skin. - David

I saw your HTML calendar and quite frankly was very excited to see a program that seemed so simple to use, - Dawn

I've just started to use your Calendar Generator program and I think its great. I've been wanting to do a calendar for my site for ages but, to be frank, the amount of work entailed always put me off, so your program's an absolute godsend. - Mike

...just downloaded your Calendar Generator via (Lockergnome). It is great and I love the way you can access the whole year from one place. - Pat

I really love your program, it's pretty easy to work with. I wish Front Page had this... - Cara

Great program -- been looking for something like this for years! Where have you been all my life. :) - Sarah

Thanks for your great work! This programm is really a great help in building my personal birthday calendar! And i would like to thank you so much for giving this software away as freeware!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!! - Sascha

Just wanted to say thanks for a program I have been searching for. It has made my web site even better and much easier to maintain.. thanks again. - Steven